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> Shipping Manifest Integration 
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> Warehouse Manager 
> Website Integration 
> XML Interface 
> Custom Module Design

Shipping Manifest Interface

THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series Shipping Manifest Interface module is designed to integrate completely with a generic interface to a variety of PC-based shipping systems (e.g., Ascent by Pitney Bowes , Clippership by Kewill Systems plc., UPS, RPS, etc.) that can populate a file with freight costs and other relevant shipping information for uploading to the THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series. These third party shipping solutions are integrated completely with THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series to dramatically reduce the time required to ship packages, thereby allowing you to ship more packages. Information from THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series – ship-to addresses and recommended carriers – is sent via the Shipping Manifest Interface module to these third party shipping solutions – that then quantify the data, and then send applicable rates back to THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series , hence the opportunity for human errors is completely eliminated.

Total Integration

Since these third party shipping solutions work with THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series, the need for reentry of shipping information in a separate system is completely eliminated. All data is electronically passed between THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series and these third party shipping solutions, eliminating human error potential. Now account information entered by another department is available to the shipping department, providing them with more time to process more packages. With most of these third party shipping solutions, you have the ability to integrate electronically with your freight handlers too. If you drop shipments to your customer's customer, for instance, you no longer have to worry about critical delivery information. THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series ensures that the ship-to information entered in order entry makes it all the way to the address label placed on the box.

Improved Customer Service

When shipping a package with these third party shipping solutions, the system instantly provides a tracking number. Sales departments and order entry personnel can now provide a quicker response to customers because of this automation and visibility. This results in happier customers who will return more often. For those customers using THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series Web Client, this tracking number can be displayed on the Web site so your customers can track their own shipments, without ever calling your customer service area. Another valuable benefit is that they track all of your carriers – large or small – with one simple-to-use interface – eliminating the need for multiple systems in the warehouse.