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Purchase Ordering

THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series Purchase Order automates the production of purchase orders. By automatically tracking purchase orders, employee coordination problems are largely eliminated, allowing more time for more productive pursuits.

THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series Purchase Order helps coordinate purchasing, shipping, and inventory operations to give you effective control over expenditures and eliminate shortages or outages. It provides all the tracking information you need to efficiently manage your valuable resources.

During purchase order entry, PO numbers may be automatically assigned by the system or by you. The system gathers vendor and item information from other parts of the system, keeping keystrokes to a minimum. Purchase orders assume one of four statuses: unprinted, printed, on hold, or fully received.

The system accommodates all stock and non-stock items and uses special facilities for handling drop shipments. PO 's may be selectively printed at any time on purchase order stock forms and may be reprinted if necessary. Purchasing personnel use on-order reports and on-line vendor inquiry for order status information.

An on-line inquiry function shows all PO 's containing any specified item. This eases shipment receipt scheduling and highlights late shipments. Purchasing personnel know quantities ordered and received and all appropriate dates for each.

THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series Purchase Order offers additional features that provide still greater efficiency. PO 's provide alternate vendor shipping addresses and multiple ship-to's. There is no specified time frame for a purchase order which is on-hold. The parameters allow information to be retrieved by inventory number, purchase order number, vendor number, and order type.

On-line vendor/purchase order inquiry or on-line inventory item/purchase order inquiry provides all the information needed at all times. Simply choose your criteria and it can be displayed on the screen or printed.

Features at a Glance

  PO Creation Methods

  • Manually enter POs or duplicate previous PO.

  Purchase Order Entry

  • Access previous purchase prices during entry.
  • Enter and default product information by supplier product.
  • Issue purchase orders – hardcopy or electronic (fax / e-mail).
  • Order status inquiries by PO , supplier and product.


  • Receive by supplier, PO number or product.
  • Assign putaway locations.
  • Record lot numbers and serial numbers.
  • Receive full or partial quantities and products not on PO ; option to disallow over-receipts.
  • Record rejected and disputed receipts.

  Supplier Invoice Entry

  • Match invoice to PO and receipt information.

  Accounting Integration

  • Track invoices to be received.
  • Online update of GL when validating invoices.
  • Post invoice variances automatically.
  • Update inventory receipt costs – AUC, last, FIFO, average lot, order.

  Pricing And Units Of Measure

  • Automatic pricing by line item according to pricing rules with ability to edit.
  • Converts order quantities into purchasing units.
  • Converts quantities into supplier packing units.