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  Accounts Payable

A powerful Accounts Payable system can mean the difference between extra profits and unnecessary expenses.

The Next Level's Accounts Payable records comprehensive vendor information including options for holding payment and 1099's, as well as multi-period activity history.

The system allows quick entry of all vendor invoices and credit memos, and ensures accounting integrity by requiring distribution detail to match invoice/credit memo total. Audit trails and activity reports are available for verification before posting these entries to the General Ledger.

Cash Requirements and Aged Payables Reports help align cash disbursements with receivables to eliminate many cash flow problems.

By producing these reports before processing, you can exercise optimum control and flexibility in formulating payment schedules. In addition, you can track and use vendor discounts to reduce interest expense and increase profits.

Accounts Payable handles computer-generated, void, and manual checks. The payment selection function for computer-generated checks allows you to authorize payment to all vendors, all vendors of the same type, or individually selected vendors. Indefinite holds may be placed on payments not scheduled for release. The system uses all these features to prevent check duplication.

The system performs check reconciliation by bank statement date to allow the reports to match the bank statement, and flags unreconciled checks for additional examination. Additionally, you can add adjustments and deposits and make changes to existing reconciliation information.

Complete, easy-to-read, accurate reports are prerequisites to sound management decisions. The Next Level's Accounts Payable Module provides an aged payables report, a cash requirements report listing open invoices with three-user requested aging dates, a daily activity audit trail report in vendor or account number order.

Accounts Payable Module Features

  • Recurring Invoices by Vendor
    This functionality allows the user to enter invoice information which is entered frequently such as rent, loan payments, etc.

  • Temporary Alternate Payment Information
    This functionality allows the processing of computer checks for vendors of a one-time only nature.

  • Allow view of Comments, Lookup by Check # / Invoice # in Vendor History
    This functionality allows the viewing of check comments and foreign currency references (if Foreign Currency installed) in the history file. This also provides inquiry to check history either by check # or by invoice #.

  • Single Check Payment Selection
    This functionality allows invoices for the same vendor to be paid by individual checks in the same check run.

  • Posting of Adjustments (applied credits)
    This functionality allows the user to apply invoices and credit memos to one another without producing a check.

  • Enhancement of Reconciliation
    Reconciliation functions allow multiple bank account reconciliation as well as quick post reconciliation.

  • Multiple Trade Accounts
    This functionality allows the user to maintain multiple A/P trade accounts.

  • Multiple Check Accounts / Books
    This functionality allows the user to maintain an unlimited number of Bank accounts / books.

  • Reversal of voided checks
    This functionality allows the user to re-open items under their original invoice number.

  • Vendor Pre-Payments
    This functionality allows the issuance of a prepayment to a vendor prior to receipt of an invoice.

  • A/P Batch Processing by Operator
    This functionality allows processing of invoice entries by operator code, thereby allowing multiple operators to work independently from one another with regard to invoice entry.

  • A/P “Snapshot” History Report
    This functionality enables the user to obtain Aged Payables Report showing the state of A/P at any given point in history, provided that history has not been purged. This history is based on invoice and payment dates not posting dates.