Let Us Take Your Business To The Next Level
> Accounts Payable
> Accounts Receivable
> Advanced System Security 
> Application Server
> Bill Of Materials
> Customer Relationship Management
> Distribution Requirements Planning
> Document Manager
> EDI Interface
> Email Integration  (eDOCs)
> Employee Resource Manager 
> Executive Information Dashboard 
> Fax Software Integration  (eDOCs)
> Foreign Currency 
> Form Output Integration  (eDOCs)
> General Ledger 
> Import / Export Processing 
> Inventory Control 
> Language Control 
> Order / Invoice Processing 
> Navigation Tools 
Purchase Order Processing
> Report Writer Integration 
> Returns Authorization 
> Sales Analysis 
> Shipping Manifest Integration 
> Statistical Analysis 
> Support Interface 
> System Administrator 
> Third Party Tool Integrator 
> Warehouse Manager 
> Website Integration 
> XML Interface 
> Custom Module Design


Continually developed and enhanced over sixteen years, THE NEXT LEVEL software series provides unparalleled versatility and customization, unavailable from most software solutions in the market today. Working hand in hand with our varied user base, in a myriad of industries and business environments, has honed THE NEXT LEVEL into a feature rich software series applicable to even the most unique and demanding businesses.

The foundation for THE NEXT LEVEL software is its set of robust feature rich modules that support varied business processes, from companywide accounting to order processing, inventory control, CRM, etc.  Layered upon this bedrock are specialized features that can be selected to create a unique solution for your business.  Each customer's system becomes distinct and unique as it is tailored to their needs, yet our advanced version control and system parameters allow for quick system patches and upgrades as our development team continues to enhance and increase the functionality of the THE NEXT LEVEL.  No customer is ever left behind or asked to perform costly software system upgrades. 

Modification requests are welcomed and encouraged.  Because THE NEXT LEVEL is built upon Object Oriented principles using Rapid Application Development tools, modifications are completed quickly and easily implemented.

  Fully Web Enabled

THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series Windows client can be run optionally as an ActiveX control in a browser. There is no client software to pre-install or upgrade, it will automatically download on demand.

  Intuitive User Interface

Regardless of the interface selected - the Windows®-compliant user interface or Web Client interface promotes rapid learning and ensures intuitive navigation for both new and experienced users. All functions have a similar look-and-feel to assure continuity for users operating multiple modules across the enterprise. Special features abound throughout, including “tunneling” at prompts to zoom in and drill down on key information.

  Multi-National Features

THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series supports multiple languages, currencies, and companies / divisions.

  Built-In Security

Users can be assigned security codes that restrict access to selected functions, fields and data values.

  Statistics and Management Reports

Triggering events can be defined to generate the data used in statistical formulas and calculations. This data is accumulated and stored for periodic or online reporting of important measures such as order fill rates, on-time deliveries, shipping errors and invoicing accuracy. THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series interfaces through the Report Writer Interface module to most popular third party report writers for additional user-defined reporting needs. This optional Report Writer Interface module can also download information to spreadsheets, etc.