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> Bill Of Materials
> Customer Relationship Management
> Distribution Requirements Planning
> Document Manager
> EDI Interface
> Email Integration  (eDOCs)
> Employee Resource Manager 
> Executive Information Dashboard 
> Fax Software Integration  (eDOCs)
> Foreign Currency 
> Form Output Integration  (eDOCs)
> General Ledger 
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> XML Interface 
> Custom Module Design

eDocs (An Integrated Solution)

  eDoc provides communication management that is flexible, adaptable and easy to implement so as to accommodate the most demanding information processing requirements. eDoc revolutionizes the way collaborative information is communicated to customers, vendors and business managers. Enhancing the presentation and delivery of business communications through physical documents or electronic presentation, eDoc significantly reduces costs, promotes a professional image, and increases overall business productivity and profitability.

Delivery Information

eDoc simplifies and automates the gathering, processing and conditioning of data while managing the delivery of newly created information where it is needed, in the required format for its recipient. This delivery can be provided to any network-enabled PostScript printer, fax, e-mail or server.


eDoc eliminates the need to create custom modifications to get different enterprise applications to exchange data to meet user's ever-changing information needs. eDoc incorporates tools and schemas to create a business infrastructure for building, deploying and managing business and commerce communications. Using drag-and-drop techniques and conditional processing, eDoc can revolutionize the quality of your customers, vendor and management information. This increases the efficiency of the supply chain and customer-centric business processes to accelerate your business operations, increase productivity and reduce waste when change is required to be competitive or coherent across all business practices.

Key Benefits

Dynamic Information Exchange

eDoc can rapidly and intelligently incorporate conditional business logic based upon the data content to present documents that include color, graphics, electronic forms, standard and two-dimensional bar codes and MICR fonts for secure check printing. eDoc also natively supports XML transmission, as well as offers integration with SQL Server Data Transformation Services to define how data should be changed dynamically when moving it between one database to another.

Reduced Preprinted Stationery Costs

Analysts have demonstrated that for every $1 spent on pre-printed forms, up to $60 is spent on distribution, handling, replacement, storage, retrieval and general management. eDoc significantly reduces these expenditures and administrative costs while providing a digital bridge to enable their electronic creation, delivery and storage.

Electronic Document Storage

eDoc 's Image provides the capability to store exact replicas of the physical processed documents. With Adobe Reader, users can search the archive and retrieve documents to be viewed, annotated, re-processed via print, fax or e-mail as required.

  Key Components

eDoc is designed to encourage the collaborative creation of business communications to cover a broad range of e-commerce categories, including business purchasing, value chain trading, direct marketing, selling and customer service and relationship management. It is component based and has the following available components / plug-in:

Watch – the core component of eDoc, works seamlessly with "THE NEXT LEVEL" Software Series eForms module. This component enables output job splitting, cluster printing, remote printing, archiving to PDF ( Image plug in required) and document distribution via e-mail ( Image plug in required) and fax ( Fax component required). Simply put, Watch is the traffic cop! Documents are received from a wide array of sources (Windows/Unix print queues, emails, files in a folder, serial port, etc) and dispatched to an equally impressive number of outputs (PostScript printers, emails, files, archived PDFs, faxes, etc). Watch , together with additional output management components such as Image , Search and Fax , makes distributing and printing documents easy, efficient and reliable!

Image is a plug-in for Watch that can create PDF files at the same time as any printing and faxing operations occur. Variable data documents can then be delivered via email, or archived with multiple user-defined indexes for later retrieval using Search . The process is completely automated, requiring no user intervention.

Search is a plug-in for Acrobat that lets you build and search databases of archived PDF documents. You can specify criteria for your search, in order to find only the documents that are relevant. Once you have the list of documents, you can open or print them as easily as you would any PDF file.

Fax is a component added onto Watch that provides fax capability. Fax documents can be produced and sent simultaneous to printing and archiving with a totally automated process. Any documents that can not be transmitted can be printed to ensure communications integrity.