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EDI Interface

Whether its order confirmation or sending purchase orders to a vendor, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is here to stay. Many large firms are requiring their customers and suppliers to communicate electronically only. This has put a lot of pressure on companies to ramp up quickly. Megasys THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series EDI Interface module is an electronic "docking station" that seamlessly integrates third party, industry specific, EDI packages. Data flows seamlessly back and forth to provide real time information. At Megasys, the future is now!

If your business relies on Electronic Data Interchange, Megasys, Ltd., can help. Our Electronic Data Interchange Interface Module has been proven in a wide variety of industries. This document provides information about Electronic Data Interchange and an overview of THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series EDI Interface module.

What is Electronic Data Interchange?

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the electronic transfer of data between two or more companies. Electronic Data Interchange is performed in a standardized form and can include purchase orders, invoices and confirmations as well as ASN. Since its inception in the early 1980's Electronic Data Interchange has remained vital to the overall business process with billions of dollars worth of goods and services being ordered or paid for using Electronic Data Interchange.

Today, Electronic Data Interchange is more important than ever with nearly every new industry, including retail, healthcare, financial and automotive, requiring the use of Electronic Data Interchange to perform daily operations. Electronic Data Interchange is proven to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Nearly every industry has come to count the benefits of reduced cost and increased customer service and satisfaction that are derived from EDI use as a given. Those first information standards created, EDIFACT and ANSI X12, continue to carry many of those electronic commerce dollars through a variety of e-business networks today.

Megasys, Ltd. does not provide EDI translation software or services. We focus on automating and managing communication routines, from the initial configurations involved in adding a new partner, to sending, receiving, and monitoring hundreds of daily transmissions from dozens of different sources.

Megasys, Ltd. THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series EDI Interface module will interface with any third party EDI and Value Added Network (VAN) provider. THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series contains the EDI Interface functions used to upload transactions from the EDI PC and to download transactions to the EDI PC. The EDI menu also contains inquiry and report functions to help you manage your EDI processing.


  Receiving Transactions

  • Purchase orders are transmitted electronically by your customers via public or proprietary networks and delivered to your “mailbox”.
  • You connect to the network and retrieve any transactions addressed to you.
  • The purchase orders are converted via any third party, EDI package on the EDI PC into a format that can be understood by THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series.
  • Purchase orders are uploaded to THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series and turned into sales orders.

  Sending Transactions

  • Invoices, purchase orders, or advance shipment notices originating on THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series are flagged for transmission to your customers or suppliers.
  • Selected documents are formatted on THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series and then downloaded to the EDI PC.
  • The third party, EDI package located on the EDI PC converts the downloaded documents to “EDI” format, connects to the network, and delivers the converted documents to the appropriate mailbox.


  • Receive your customers' purchase orders electronically and automatically turn them into sales orders in THE NEXT LEVEL Software Series.
  • Transmit purchase orders to your suppliers or advance shipment notices and invoices to your customers.
  • Unattended operations for high transaction volumes.
  • Fully compatible with EDI standards.
  • Customer item number cross-referencing.
  • Archive and restore functions.
  • Retransmission procedures.
  • Error checking and reporting.


  • Reduce data entry time.
  • Reduce data entry errors.
  • Speed up your order processing.
  • Expedite the purchasing process.
  • Comply with your customers' advance shipment notice (ASN) requirements.
  • Get invoices to your customers earlier.
  • Reduce document printing/mailing costs.
  • Make it easy for your trading partners to do business with you.