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Company Management Dashboard (CMD) - Six Sigma Dashboard

Our Company Management Dashboard provides Executives and Managers the tools needed to manage, initiate, and check the status of open projects and companywide objectives, as well as set benchmarks for companywide, departmental, and individual performance. In an interactive, one stop approach, the CMD offers a graphical layout of the hierarchical structure of the company, with visual indicators highlighting failures to meet benchmarks and isolating problem areas. The CMD allows the user to immediately focus attention where needed, eliminating the need to sift through reports and raw data.

The intuitive design of the CMD allows for point and click navigation, easy maintenance and company relationship construction, as well as quick benchmark, project, indicator, and objective creation and assignment. Create and assign new objectives in moments, then tie those objectives back to existing projects. Set benchmarks and indicators for success. View completion percentages. No other tool can provide such a comprehensive overview of the state of the company and the current roll of each employee within.

Designed with Six Sigma processes in mind, when fully administered by our Six Sigma consultants, or managed by in house Black Belts, the CMD becomes an essential tool for controlling projects, analyzing data, and assigning objectives.  The Dashboard will become the focal point for increasing productivity and improving company wide functionality.

Because we know no two businesses are alike, the Company Management Dashboard is fully customizable to each company's specific processes and needs.  Our team of developers work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the Dashboard is personally crafted and optimized.


- View the company tree graphically and quickly navigate in all directions.
- View open objectives of each company employee as well as completion status and success rate.
- Create benchmarks to monitor employee performance.
- Create projects and assign different objectives to multiple employees. Receive progress reports and updates on these projects at a click of a button.
- Immediately hone in on problem areas, failing objectives, and shortfalls.
- Report on company activities from the company and department level down to the individual employee.
- View a graphical analysis of company objectives and indicators.
- Fully compatible with all standard databases and operating systems.
- Launch the Company Management Dashboard from a web page or a desktop client.
- Six Sigma Project Administration and graphical analysis.
- Designed specifically for individual businesses / fully customizable.

As with all Megasys Ltd Data Tool products, the Company Management Dashboard is fully customizable
 to your individual business needs. Our development team is ready to shape, mold, and enhance this console to fit your specific requirements.